Ethical Considerations(?)

March 24th, 2010 March 24th, 2010
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We will most likely need to remember to ask people for permission to take pictures of their artwork like tattoo artists’ portfolios that they use as catalogs for customers. We’ll also need to ask them if they’d like to participate in our interviews about their own tattoos (on their own skin) and ask if it would be okay to reproduce that in our blogs as well as final presentation.

Another thing we might end up doing is looking at rare tattoos that we can only find online. Some tattoos are culture or tribe specific, and we’ll probably be able to get pictures of those on a site like FlickrĀ© provided that the person who took them in the first place doesn’t mind. And after consulting with Devin just now, I was told about certain Anthropological websites that have many pictures and descriptions in them that we could use after checking up on their licensing information to see if it’s ok.


February 24th, 2010 February 24th, 2010
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Although it’s not a sure thing, I think I might go for the project involving video games and their social gathering. I’ve noticed how they’ve become much more multiplayer-oriented over the years and that being a video gamer today no longer means you’re a loner/loser. I’ve always loved video games and I love how they bring people together and canĀ  be great for parties and breaking the ice between people.

Another idea would be to research graffiti as well, I went to Art & Design H.S and a lot of the students there did graffiti and they were VERY good at it, and I know most of them still do it now, some who even do it illegally and photograph their own work for their own archives. I love the idea that graffiti has grown from some urban taboo/nuisance to an appreciated art form with personal meaning to all those who understand it. Through my friends I learned that Graffiti is an serious art form, and a really difficult one at that; I know because I even tried it to humor my friends.

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