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February 17th, 2010 February 17th, 2010
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My name is Amaru and I’m from Queens. I took this class because I took a class in QCC called ‘Media Criticism’ that was similar and I really enjoyed it. My major is currently Sociology and my minor is Film studies. As far as hobbies go I love playing my guitar, drawing, playing sports, and video games. When I graduate I’m going to teach for a while to earn some money and get my Master’s in Audio Engineering to eventually open up my own recording studio or even work as a sound designer for off-Broadway/Broadway plays or even movies. I honestly don’t feel like these plans are set in stone, however, and I just hope I end up doing something that I enjoy for a living, doesn’t everyone? Right now my biggest problem is finding a cheap camera, I had a nice one but it decided to stop working one day. Right now money’s tight so I’m looking for a nice used cheap one I can use, but that’s hard to come by. I’m curious as to where this class is headed, I like the idea of studying society through pictures and film and my first contribution is this picture:

I chose this picture because it’s me on a boat having a fun time on a marine research tour. It was one of the most fun things I’ve done lately and I’ll probably end up doing it again soon. I’ve never been on a huge boat before, and after being on this medium-sized one; I’m definitely sure that I really want to now. If anyone would like to go on one of the tours they’re really nice, they have them all year long but I decided to go during the winter because I love the cold. Their website is: www.riverheadfoundation.org

You can even ‘adopt’ a seal, whale, or turtle which is more like a sponsorship (they don’t let you take them home with you). The crew is very nice and they’ll answer any questions you have about the animals on the tour or the tour itself.

So that’s it about me, I hope I do well in this class and that I can figure out this blog business because I have two other classes using them and I’m still really confused.

See you guys in class.


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