Visual Exploration

My first picture is a picture of a tattoo of Jesus I got from Flickr. In the tattoo he’s wearing the crown of thorns and is bleeding from his head. This is actually a popular image and it can be tough to look at for some people. But I figured this was a good picture to look at how a tattoo can serve as a badge of faith to someone.  Christianity is a bit iffy on tattoos and that makes the idea more strange to me. In our research, Devin and I will probably look into religion and tattoos to see how people can either embrace/encourage or how they can frown upon/shun them.

Tattoo of Jesus.

You can see that it’s a pretty large tattoo, if this guy goes to the beach people wont have too much trouble identifying who it depicts. I wonder if children will be bothered by the blood, or if parents will be bothered more by them seeing it.

I like the way he’s shown here though, stenciled and colorless (save for the blood).

I couldn’t think of anything to do for the second picture, the one I had to take myself. I thought of asking somebody with a tattoo randomly somewhere on the street or on campus, but I didn’t really want to do that. I don’t have any friends with tattoos, and anybody I know who does have them doesn’t live near me. So I decided to be hardcore and go get inked myself!

…Sorta..I went to the 99¢ Store and bought a pack of temporary tattoos. I decided to use the eagle, and so I put it on my arm and voila! I’m now a cool guy.

The hardcore eagle on my left arm...Lookin' fierce...and blurry

So that got me thinking about that mindset. While I can see them and think they’re cool looking and/or hardcore, some people can see them on someone and associate that with lack of professionalism or maturity. This is definitely another angle Devin and I are looking to explore, we’re interested in asking people who have tattoos about the responses they can get from different people. I’m sure some will admire them for the art while others will just look at them as some kind of distraction or something ugly. Either way, I’m sure my Albanian friend would like my eagle tattoo, even if it does only have one head..

Oh and here’s a picture of a tattoo (from the same guy) of an eagle like mine…Only not as hardcore or fierce.

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6 Responses to “Visual Exploration”

  1.   emodjsteph Says:

    Hahahaha. Now you are indeed a cool guy. And hardcore. And it only cost you 99¢!

  2.   amaru Says:

    You got that right, Steph!

  3.   antonia Says:

    Great post, Amaru! I especially like how you combine observations and your own ideas in your writing (you just need to make sure your own reflections won’t be overpowering the lit review and your aprticipants’ ideas in the paper).
    Your description of the second picture made me wonder: why is it that you don’t have a tattoo, given your obvious interest in them?

  4.   sarah kusnitz Says:

    for your first picture- when I started reading what you wrote I was thinknig it would be a good idea to see what religions have to say about tattoos, whether or not they accept it or not.
    for your second picture- that is so awesome! That was such a cute idea. I would have never thought of that. Mybae you can even put a few on your arms and walk around in a sleeveless t-shirt and see if anyone gives you looks or says anything to you, sort of like a public intervention type of activity.

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