Ethical Considerations(?)

We will most likely need to remember to ask people for permission to take pictures of their artwork like tattoo artists’ portfolios that they use as catalogs for customers. We’ll also need to ask them if they’d like to participate in our interviews about their own tattoos (on their own skin) and ask if it would be okay to reproduce that in our blogs as well as final presentation.

Another thing we might end up doing is looking at rare tattoos that we can only find online. Some tattoos are culture or tribe specific, and we’ll probably be able to get pictures of those on a site like Flickr© provided that the person who took them in the first place doesn’t mind. And after consulting with Devin just now, I was told about certain Anthropological websites that have many pictures and descriptions in them that we could use after checking up on their licensing information to see if it’s ok.

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3 Responses to “Ethical Considerations(?)”

  1.   antonia Says:

    Good start. I am not sure why you use “might” do much in your post, so just to be clear: you WILL have to ask peopl if they would like to participate (get verbal consent), inform them how you will use responses and pictures, and get permission to reproduce their art work ion your blogs. Also, make sure you choose pictures with the correct creative commons license from flickr.

  2.   sarah kusnitz Says:

    so far to me it seems like you have most things covered for the ethical guidelines. Are you going to be putting in the specific tattoo parlor names that you visit? Maybe if the artists don’t want their names or such reproduced they will let you put in their parlor’s name (maybe they’d like that better for their own sake for advertising or something).

  3.   Nike Roshe Run Suede Homme Says:

    Nike Roshe Run Suede Homme

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