For my project I’m working with Devin and we’re going to be looking at tattoos. Our focus will be the significance they have to different people and different cultures and how having them has had an impact on people getting jobs, making friends, etc. We’d like to look into the history of tattoos like their origins and adaptation (and maybe ultimate acceptance) in our own culture.

Our method will probably involve us researching the history of tattoos and then interviewing tattoo artists and/or aficionados. We could also discuss pictures we take of people’s tattoos and ask about their significance and make even throw in some uncommon knowledge about them that most people [like me] don’t know.

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  1.   sarah kusnitz Says:

    When you say the significance of tattoos do different people, do you mean anything other than just different cultures? Maybe it would be interesting to see how men/women or people of different ages view the idea of tattoos. When you said you want to see how tattoos impact on getting a job, perhaps you can go around to different types of businesses or different jobs in the industry and see if they judge someone with tattoos when hiring for a position.

  2.   Lindsey Paul Says:

    I believe that tattoos are an extreme form of self expression. It would be interesting to hear some of the many reasons why people get tattoo. Whether it be to commemorate someones life, admire a love one, or even a spur of the moment thing. I think it would interesting to look at certain religions and the forbidden use of tattoos in them.

  3.   amaru Says:

    Yes! We’re thinking about investigating age groups, social status, and maybe even tattoos amongst the religious. It would indeed be interesting to see the difference in opinion between men and women. And as far as the job thing goes, we’re thinking of doing that and maybe even asking tattooed people or artists even about their own personal experiences being stigmatized for having them. Of course, working as a tattoo artist isn’t really gonna land you a lot of resistance, but they were’nt always tattoo artists, maybe some of them wanted to be Wal-Mart greeters…But never got the job. 🙁

    It’s just like you said: “an extreme form of self expression”. You never know, maybe to some people it’s not extreme enough, maybe it’s like a rite of passage…Maybe it’d be extreme NOT to have them. Woah! (0_o)
    I agree that it would be cool to learn people’s various reasons for getting them, and how some people will choose to get them in less obvious places to keep their ‘wild’ side in check. And like I said to Sarah, I definitely like the idea of investigating their place in different religions. You introduced me to that aspect when you told me that you’re not allowed burial in a Jewish cemetery if you have a tattoo.

  4.   antonia Says:

    Great topic, guys!
    Both Sara’s and Lindsey’s comments are relevant and you should consider them. I would have asked you similar questions — esp. about the “sociological categories” you would like to focus on which would also help you to make this into a comparative study.

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