Although it’s not a sure thing, I think I might go for the project involving video games and their social gathering. I’ve noticed how they’ve become much more multiplayer-oriented over the years and that being a video gamer today no longer means you’re a loner/loser. I’ve always loved video games and I love how they bring people together and can  be great for parties and breaking the ice between people.

Another idea would be to research graffiti as well, I went to Art & Design H.S and a lot of the students there did graffiti and they were VERY good at it, and I know most of them still do it now, some who even do it illegally and photograph their own work for their own archives. I love the idea that graffiti has grown from some urban taboo/nuisance to an appreciated art form with personal meaning to all those who understand it. Through my friends I learned that Graffiti is an serious art form, and a really difficult one at that; I know because I even tried it to humor my friends.

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  1.   yleader Says:

    I love the idea of this final project because it’s probably going to have interesting effects, colors and graphics. Especially for someone like me that is not into video games. It will be interesting to see what the latest games being played are. It would be great to also see video footage of individuals playing the actual game being discussed in the project. It would be interesting to see the interaction between the participants playing against each other. I feel this is a great topic for a final project. Tricia Atiles

  2.   christinepersaud Says:

    Your Idea about graffiti’s emergence is great because I feel that you have thought outside the box. You could definitely research its growth from a nuisance to an art form. I actually know some youtube videos that may be able to assist you in your research: Style Wars (1983)..its an old video but it would be interesting for comparing and contrasting.

  3.   antonia Says:

    I agree with Christine and would pick the second topic! In terms of focusing on graffiti as an art form — maybe you could approaching your project by camparing people who love, appreciate and practice graffiti; and people who see it as a nuisance? And thereby also look at gender, age and race differences? It woudl be a fascinating project, and I am looking forward to seeing more!

  4.   mhaniff88 Says:

    hey you had really great ideas but if you decide to do the video game one let me know if you want to compare ideas to see if they match, and maybe we can work together on it

  5.   mhaniff88 Says:

    hey thats a real good idea too, not sure what to do with the tattoo idea but sounds instersting also let me know your ideas on it, might be intersted in doing that too depending on what approch you want to take with it, my # is 347 866 7313, feel free to text me and see if u want to match up ideas

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