‘getting to know your eyes’

I’m sure most of us (if not all of us) know what it’s like to have a happy childhood. But one thing that I never really paid much attention to was the fact that colors, just as much as love and toys, play a big role in the happiness of a child and maybe even their personalities. I started to wonder how a kid would turn out if he was raised around nothing but shades of gray or dull/depressing colors (i.e a Tim Burton film). Would that child turn out to be someone less cheerful or dull and depressing too, or would it have no impact at all? I can’t say, because I don’t know, but I guess it might.


This is a picture of my new cousin Christian in his playpen. He’s a cute kid and he seems to have a different facial expression for everything he looks at. But, I realized how you can associate bright, vibrant, and happy colors with childhood. Look at the color of his toys, and the color of his clothes, and notice how the toy Bert (of Bert and Ernie) is similarly colored to the Fisher Price hammer. His walker and his blanket [not pictured] also both have the same color scheme. Also, he is in a nice bright room in my aunt’s house, they have a sky light so the sunlight shines right in making it look like there are lights on in the house. It just gives off a really pleasant scheme with Chris sitting there looking cute and the colors of his toys so playful and positive with the room he’s in showered by a clean-looking surplus of sunlight.

I was just sitting there playing with him for a while before I realized that this would be perfect for the project, especially after realizing how positive the colors are in the playpen. This picture is on my computer now thanks to the camera on my phone, and it actually makes me happy.

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8 Responses to “‘getting to know your eyes’”

  1.   veronica10 Says:

    What a great angle..approaching this from an emotional standpoint. I love “happy” colors and I too now am wondering if they could influence children and their personalities. My photo has more cool colors in it which might come across as drab as opposed to yours which has warmer colors and makes me think of it as a “sweet” picture.

    Veronica Puello

  2.   biancaerriah Says:

    The first thing I noticed about this picture was the baby’s (your cousin) cheeks! PRECIOUS! Working with children makes me take on a different view of the world and seeing this picture proved to me how much I learned from working with my cousin. Instead of just seeing a baby playing in a playpen I wonder “How does he interact with the toys?” “Which does he play with the most?” “How does he maneuver the hammer?” “Which colors attract him the most?”
    As you explained in the picture he has a color theme going on with his toys and clothes and other things surrounding him. Familiarity is important in a child’s life because that is how they are comforted so I think that’s why parents try to “match” things.
    Also, great angle!! The intensity of his eyes looking at the camera makes this picture what it is =].

  3.   lila Says:

    Your baby cousin is so adorable! This photo puts a smile on my face and the his facial expression is priceless.

  4.   elydurey Says:

    I love your picture. I have a niece and she loves bright colors as well. She’s a girl that constantly smiles and usually bright colors bring more attention to her eyes. My niece prefers pink and yellow. She has a yellow dress that if it was for her, she would wear it every day 🙂 Your cousin is very cute by the way… I enjoyed your picture.

  5.   Nisha Says:

    This is a great picture. I can relate the fact to your pic that my baby cousins are dressed in bright colors most of the time. I hardly see them in a color like “black”. I love the yellow color on this baby 🙂

  6.   antonia Says:

    Great picture, great composition! And your description complements it well with its narrative and critical reflection on the atmosphere and colors of the picture.

  7.   Shirley Says:

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  8.   Priest Rasch Says:

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